Safety is an integral part of our DNA and values. It is a value shared by our entire organisation — from the headquarters down to every local network— in the form of a specific policy on operations and maintenance activities applicable to all our passenger transport modes and solutions.

“We have stringent safety standards in place that are designed to protect employees, customers and visitors.”

Jon Sweet
Head of Safety and Risk
RATP Dev London


Setting high safety standards will always be our top priority and we have in place a department head experienced in health, safety and risk management to oversee this important aspect of our business.

In addition, we have a whole team of experts who analyse traffic incidents and collisions, and how they can be avoided in the future. Our approach to safety is deeply embedded within the culture of our company. This has been clearly evident in the great lengths we went to during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Within our operating bases, we immediately put in place a range of safety measures that were strictly enforced to protect all. Our buses, too, were thoroughly reviewed from a safety perspective, with enhanced cleaning processes and social distancing standards put into effect to protect both customers and drivers.

Learn more about how we are keeping our people and customers safe during the Covid pandemic by watching our Covid-19 Safety Video here.

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Jon Sweet
Jon Sweet
Head of Safety & Risk
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